Logistics study: Moderate optimism for a 2021 marked by the pandemic, digitization and Brexit

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the road freight transport landscape. For this reason, at Alpega Group we decided to launch a macro-survey in which we asked more than 1200 logistics and transport companies in Europe about the impact of the health crisis, as well as other challenges such as Brexit and the digitization of the industry.

The first finding of the transport study is that, although most respondents believe that the worst is behind us, there is particular caution when it comes to assessing the months ahead. As such, the degree of optimism about the transport sector stands at an average of 6.2 out of 10.

Good prospects for an upcoming recovery of the logistics industry

72% of the responses indicate that in 2021, profits earned by transport companies will be equal to or greater than in 2020. While the majority of respondents admit having suffered a significant reduction in business, 75% believe that the number of transactions will be maintained or will even increase in the coming months. Similarly, with regard to transport prices, the vast majority say that they will increase or at least remain at the same level.

Digital solutions for the transport sector - the key during the pandemic

Another certainty left by the pandemic is the need for transport companies to make progress with organizational digitization. Digital tools have played a key role in recent months which is reflected by our study.

Within digital solutions, the use of freight exchanges has become prevalent, a trend that responds to the need to look for alternative routes as well as to find return loads from less common destinations in the face of an increasing transport demand. Within the services offered by platforms such as Teleroute, part of the Alpega Group, the search for freight offers has been the most used.

How will Brexit impact logistics? - Uncertainty over Brexit

The coronavirus crisis has coincided with the effective departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, a fact which, as the transport survey shows, has led to skepticism among European freight carriers. In this case, the level of optimism of transport companies that have trade relations with London is 5 out of ten. This rating can be explained by 40% of respondents believing that Brexit has "seriously affected" their transport businesses.

This also applies to the future: approximately half of transport professionals think their activity with the UK will decline in the coming months. Among the main reasons given by respondents are excessive bureaucracy and lack of information. Click here to ready the full logistics study!